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    It is Time to Convert Your eCommerce Store into an mCommerce App

    31 October , 2015
    eCommerce is an extremely important part of our lives. It has given us the convenience to shop from the comfort of our homes or offices. However, few years ago eCommerce wasn’t really the talk of the town. It was just getting into the picture, and the end users didn’t know about it. That is how technology functions. It moves extremely briskly. In 2015, though, eCommerce seems to be making way for Mobile Commerce.
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  • Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development

    Latest Trends in Mobile Application Development

    01 October , 2015
    Mobile Application Development is similar to the world of fashion. Things change here extremely quickly. Another similarity of mobile development with fashion trends is that both the developers and the end users are excited about those changes. The year 2014 was a landmark year, in terms of the changes that took place in the field of mobile application development.
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  • Apple Watch App Development

    Apple Watch App Development – The Emerging Trend

    12 August , 2015
    Apple Watch has been in the news ever since it was first launched. People have been fascinated by the novelty of the concept, and app developers have further utilized the platform to build unprecedented apple watch apps. Recently, there was an update announced for the Apple Watch OS. This update has improved Siri’s performance and also the platform for third party app development & deployment.
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