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  • Virtual Reality

    Future of VR(Virtual Reality)

    09 June , 2016
    VR is mesmerizing interactive media or axonometric view. VR is a facsimile medium which is developed with program and It will work in such a way that you can assume and feel like it as a live environment.Most of the all range of virtual realities are presented either on a Computer & mobile display with VR handset.
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  • ionic

    5 Reasons to select Ionic for hybrid mobile app development

    25 May , 2016
    Ionic is open source mobile SDK with cross-platform mobile app development services which help to fix the basic & significant on provide High quality app . It provides tools and services for building mobile UI with native look and feel.
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  • neo 4j

    How to build LinkedIn kind of Relationship Tree – Neo4J

    29 December , 2015
    In Social Networking Application, generally we have two level relationships, which we can manage in SQL (MySQL, MSSQL etc) or NoSQL (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra Redis etc.) database. But what if we have to display relationship tree like what LinkedIn does (as shown in below image), which shows relationship level and chart on which level you are connected with that user and by whom?
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