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We are the firm believer of "Quality, Commitment and Reliability", this are the work model that govern our existence.

Partnership with TriState is more than profit & liability sharing, We bring nobility and magnanimity on the work surface to help Increase profit, develop brand and expand your business with us. We know the art of integrating with both Start-up and immense organizations. We have confederation with some of the globally acclaimed enterprise and extend mutual trust, shared profits and risks with aspiring goals. At TriState, it’s journey to build win-win partnership with extended visionary & highly motivated professional organization.

Partnerships we offer


Outsourcing Partner

With the right strategy, we ensure to get maximum business advantage at lower operational costs and quick on-time delivery.

We have the expertise to carry ultimate world-class solutions of all IT support services to any industry even for the most difficult tasks. Our stable extensive experience of IT services that have produced significant cost savings, facilitate growth, maintenance support, and greater long-term value for partner. We support our offshore partner to more focus on their full potential of business with providing future-proof solutions for their requirements.

Partnership and Investors:

Value Added Partner

We strive to provide support for profitable entrance and expansion in new markets, so that you can easily promote our products and services globally.

Gain your business with access to our high-quality Services and Product that maximize your exposure to the globe. Our partners win more deal, realize higher rewards and earn bigger margins with our efficient services, cost advantage and surpassing technological capability. TriState will provide you easily get-at-able support, higher rewards with competitive prices. So, let’s start to increase your visibility, Build your business And boost your long term profit with us.

Partnership and Investors:

Referral Partner

Discover modern business opportunity and earn generous rewards, generous commissions and have access to top-performing marketing creative.

Partake TriState’s success and become a part of our easy, flexible, and structured referral program. In the process you’ll earned generous commissions and have access to top-performing marketing creative, online research and periodic payment processing. We’ll share you new market updates, Identify new opportunities and guide you in latest techniques, So you can measure activities and get best reward of the efforts to grow your business.

Partnership and Investors:

Joint Venture

Grow your business entity for the purpose of expanding your business influence and creating a more powerful market presence by developing joint venture with us.

Get access of our experienced and creative resources, network & infrastructure to expand your business network. TriState always keep balance between quality of work and commitment of work. We can do it all with precision, finesse and promptness. Joint Ventures with us provide you a long-term success support more than wee profit sharing.

Partnership and Investors:

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The achievement of perfection is our goal, but excellent is guarantee.